The renovation of the St. Andrews Gospel Hall provides new gathering space to complement the congregation’s new worship facility. The program consisted of creating a large lobby gathering space, a children’s library, a choir rehearsal room and office space, a warming kitchen and various other support spaces.

The existing space was an older metal building and was completely refurbished inside with new lighting, updated HVAC system, and several new exterior openings. Drawing from its connection at one end to a brand new sanctuary, materials were selected to both complement the adjacent space and reflect the hall’s more informal role in the church community.

The library took shape as an asymetrical “ark,” projecting into the lobby to emphasize the importance of that place of learning. The ark is clad with wooden slats and floats at each corner and at the ground and ceiling planes. The wooden slats are repeated at custom shelving elements inside. Color is used at accent walls to define spaces and to energize a standard flooring material. New interior windows and small slit openings add layers of visibility to the spaces.