Located in downtown Tucson, this project involved the renovation and re-adaptation of a two-story 1890’s building into mixed-use space. Phase one involved a complete façade renovation with financial assistance from a façade grant, to remove a plaster façade from the 1950’s to reveal the incredible materiality and high precision construction of the late 19th century. Existing materials –brick, wood, and steel- of the century old building were exposed to counterpoint with new steel and glass insertions into the space. The Facade was then restored where possible to accent the wonderful brickwork and craftsmanship of the existing building while adding sublime and modern interventions of glass and clear coated rusted steel.

The project has been occupied by numerous tenants and mixed uses over the years including Rob Paulus Architects for four years and has been a shining example of potential for reusing old buildings to bring life back into urban environments.