Notched into a steep hillside in the Tucson Mountains, this house utilizes simple rectangular forms arranged along a curve. With simple contrasts of rough to smooth, curved to straight, hard to soft, and heavy to light, the design creates a sequence of spaces that encourage multiple interpretations of its desert environs.

Overlaying a strict geometry on top of the rugged and uneven terrain, this residence provides a clear counterpoint of man-made to nature in plan while stepping with the site in section. Using polished concrete floors, integral color plaster, rusted metal and split-face block, the design creates an ensemble of desert inspired textures and hues that embrace its surroundings.

Oriented toward southern and western canyon views, the design is organized along a 100′ curved, clerestory lit gallery that runs through the center of the house. All rooms connect to this gallery providing for a daily exhibit of art and desert view alike.

This residence was featured in the January 2000 issue of Metropolitan Home and was the setting for the country music video “Man of Me” by Gary Allan.  Watch the video here: