The General Services Administration building in Rio Rico defines a simple and direct approach to creating an efficient multi-use facility with high security concerns.  Rob Paulus Architects worked closely with the developer and the general contractor to provide an efficient CM at Risk delivery process for a building with varied uses and complexities.  The project is an office and records storage building with enclosed parking for the GSA Office of Investigations.

Tasked with designing a LEED Silver project on a limited budget, the design incorporates an energy efficient wall and roof system with steel shade canopies at glazing to provide passive control of solar heat gain.  A 69 Kilowatt roof mounted solar system augments this efficiency while 30,000 gallons of rainwater harvesting storage provide all irrigation needs for the surrounding lush desert landscape.  Open office spaces and shared work stations at the interior are strategically located near the private offices of Supervisors to promote collaboration and communication between the officers. The building is registered to receive LEED Gold from the United States Green Building Council.

Rob Paulus Architects provided architectural services for all phases of the project and completed a high quality design within a very tight budget and schedule. Extensive research on GSA standards was accomplished thoroughly in a relatively short manner of time and the detailed and responsive management of the project has been extremely successful in the eyes of the developer and the GSA.