Designed initially as a single family residence in the early 1900’s, the house then became a boarding home in the 30’s, a clothing store in 1959 and now enters a new phase in the 21st century as a restaurant along the thriving Main Gate Square at the University of Arizona.

The design and approach for this first out-of-state Illegal Pete’s restaurant from Colorado preserves the authentic character of the existing building’s exterior while simultaneously infusing the site and neighborhood with new life.  A key design feature was to remove all interior walls of the historic house with skillful structural interventions to provide open floor plates necessary for the “House Party” vibe of this fast casual dining establishment.   A new modern structure is created at the back of the building to house bathrooms on the top two floors with employee room and storage on the bottom floor.  A clear demarcation between the historic 1911 structure and the new design elements are thoughtfully articulated to distinguish old from the new. 

The concept creates multi-level interior and exterior spaces to celebrate the indoor, outdoor opportunities available in the lush Sonoran Desert.