This dynamic insertion into a ubiquitous metal building creates a floating folly of wonderment to enjoy the many beers that are brewed onsite.  The pavilion geometry pulls from the primary user of the facility and creates a powerful architectural expression of the indoor soccer player build up to kicking a soccer ball full force across the field. From the run up and coiled energy before contact with the ball and ultimate follow through of a kick, the kinetic energy of this movement becomes the form of the canopy over this beer tasting area.

The upward swing of the canopy provides a welcoming entry to the area and then lowers down to the more intimate bar setting where customers order their beverage. Simple lengths of Douglas Fir 2×6 are attached to the angular steel armature and create a flowing series of compound shapes with straight pieces. The bar top is reclaimed from a retired bowling alley floor and the metal return gutters are repurposed into outer lower walls to define the limits of the tasting area.