Silverado Flats provides a sophisticated alternative to the ubiquitous stucco-box apartment building. Centrally located, the project utilizes an infill site to create twelve units with outdoor spaces, an abundance of light, and a central entry court to foster a sense of community.

The program and site constraints called for two distinct sizes of units: one-bedroom one-story and two-bedroom two-story. The concept evolved into a wedge shape with the middle chopped out creating a shared courtyard in the negative space between. Steel trellis structures push into that space, creating a rhythmic interruption on one side of the court with trees on the other side. Salvaged fencing material surrounds private yards for each unit while road culverts become rainwater harvesting tanks. A small laundry room at the end of the courtyard plays host to an array of photovoltaic cells, providing a focal point and renewable energy for the site.