This building for the General Services Administration creates a welcoming environment to accommodate a wide demographic of clientele for a facility that will be used by almost every segment of the local population.  Situated on a skinny mid-town lot, the tilt-up concrete facility carves out a substantial entry on the East End to establish an entry court with shade and seating.  A perforated cast concrete wall supports the entry canopy while providing portals for light and view along with larger openings for children to walk and play through.

Celebrating the clear blue sky and the transcendent light of the Sonoran Desert is the point of departure for the design of the project.  A theme of simple strips of light is employed as fenestration that is carried through to the slit openings of the horizontal canopy system.  Mid-day light will stream down on wall surfaces at these canopy areas to mark the path of the sun throughout the day.  Inside, a series of truncated cubic skylight shafts carry light down into the public spaces while also affording a view of the sky through large clear glazing.

The building is registered to achieve Silver LEED certification and defines the potential to create a healthy, energy efficient and inviting environment on a slim budget.