This single family residence was created for the Tucson Museum of Art 2006 ‘Birds of a Feather’ birdhouse silent auction.

The Desert Dove makes her nest in the city’s forgotten places, in the incidental places underneath and between the larger elements that comprise our own shelters and industries. Inspired by this reality of urban dwelling, our bird port provides the necessary elements for this indigenous bird, and suggests a sustainable microcosm for humans to assimilate.

  • locally harvested Mesquite wooden box has three open sides for avian monocular visibility
  • access and freedom of wing movement specific to the Desert Dove
  • recyclable aluminum trellis shades the structure to minimize radiant heat
  • angled roof collects and directs water to a reservoir
  • minimal recyclable steel perch protects against predators
  • each layer of material serves a unique function and works holistically with the others