Located in the center of Tucson, this 11 unit town loft project defines community living with proximity to shopping, restaurants and the nearby University. Built on the former site of a mobile home park on one side of Third Street and over a dilapidated duplex on the other side, Indigo Modern re-builds an important infill location with energy efficient design that makes efficient use of indoor and outdoor space.

Planning for the project was a simple and direct study in two basic concepts-separating car and pedestrian while creating public and private paths and courtyards. Working within the confines of local zoning requirements, the project situates two rows of residences on either side of a central walkway that culminates in a communal pool area at the far end of each site. This primary path terminates with an eight foot diameter jet engine cowling acquired from a local aircraft salvage yard. Perfectly round and unabashed, the cowling sculpture contrasts readily with the ninety degree angles of the architecture to create a modern day termination of axis.

Inside, the units are filled with light and space to complement a flexible plan. Custom cabinetry and a steel stair define clean lines while windows are positioned to private courtyard space and the wonderful big blue desert sky. Private balconies provide an unimpeded view of the Catalina Mountains.

The units are highly insulated and skinned with durable materials, pre-wired for photo-voltaic power and pre-plumbed for solar water heat. Most importantly, the project takes an underused infill property and taps into the existing infrastructure and heart of a desert city.