The 22nd Street View project is a unique opportunity to create an iconic Exposition facility that provides permanent exhibition space for the worlds largest Gem and Mineral Show. Positioned just east of the busy I-10 freeway at 22nd street in Tucson, the project will accommodate a wide range and variety of events throughout the year to become a place-defining project that enhances the city at large, the community and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Given the proximity to adjacent historic rail lines, the design approach takes its cue from the wide open, long-span train shed to give the project form and metaphorically tie into the history of the site and the nearby 1905 Train Roundhouse.

The gently sweeping curve of the West façade will become an ever changing canvas of colored light and projected image to allow each event to customize the entire façade to suit the mood of the desired experience. This will not only create a dynamic visual for events happening at the project but will allow the 500 foot long building to become a welcoming icon for the entire city that is viewable from the adjacent Interstate 10.

The first and second floor is dedicated space for year round Gem and Mineral Show use, while the upper, third floor will provide flexible area for a wide variety of year round events and conferences from large too small. The entire building and site will tie directly into the El Paso and Southwestern Greenway to integrate and flow into the adjacent neighborhood and downtown while also promoting transportation by foot and pedal.