The historic Trading Post is opened up and stripped back to its structural core to maximize connection and view to the street. Historically-inspired awnings and panels shade both the older structure as well as the New Mixed Use structure to define a passive approach to heat gain and energy-efficiency. Generous shaded glazing is appropriately placed for upper floor residential units while the lower floor commercial space is pulled back to express the concrete podium construction and better position glass away from direct sunlight.

Lower level space flows from inside to outside and back inside again to link the historic Trading Post and the New Mixed Use building. Pulling the new building away from the Trading Post and tucking the new retail under the New Mixed Use Building creates a shared courtyard to allow enjoyment of the southwestern desert climate while leaving the historic building and its basement intact.

Vegetation and porous paving create an urban oasis at the on-grade parking area. Views from One East Broadway are maintained across this open area while also allowing expansive windows from the Annex building and New Mixed Use structure. Mezzanine and balconies extend into this park-like space to provide multiple levels of interaction. A new dog park is established on south side of the site to be shared by residents of the New Mixed Use building and the adjacent One East Broadway apartments.

The Annex building design slices the middle third out of the solid facade to create a dramatic entry and presence. Inside, the floor plates are opened up in two places to create sky-lit light wells that bring light down through the three upper floors into the below-grade level. The existing concrete facade is further perforated with round windows at the north along with new sliding doors and balconies to the East to maximize natural light and view potential.