990 East Seventeenth represents the re-adaptation of an existing repair shop building into 4,292 square feet of modern professional office building. Taking advantage of the efficient and open structure a unique office space is created to serve design-oriented users.

The Transformation begins with the exterior skin. In place of the existing standard metal building panel, a new skin of lightweight aluminum panels form a rain screen over a heavily insulated wall system. A bright white roof with high R-value encloses the building with south facing shaded monitor skylights at each of the four bays. Each of the original 10’x10’ Roll-up doors along the north façade are replaced with clear glass to provide views to the landscaped courtyard and mountains beyond. Additional apertures are inserted along the East and West of the building to expose hints of structure and activity inside. Along the South facade, a thin strip window runs high along the length of the building to maximize the natural lighting possibilities within the interior.

Inside, an undulating wood slat ceiling; think violin, creates an organic flowing space providing spatial interest and acoustic relief.  A shared restroom core at the center of the building frees up interior space for each tenant to create a plan to suit their needs. Outside, lush desert landscaping and re-purposed concrete hardscape enliven the outdoor spaces throughout the site to create a virtual oasis with shade and plant color.

The building plays off its neighbors including other award winning projects by Rob Paulus Architect: to the north, the re-adaptation of the Ice House and Cold Storage Building into the successful Ice House Lofts, and to the east the popular Barrio Metalico residential development. This third project completes the block with complementary design and a common sensitivity to smart urban development.