The Trinity Office is the first phase of a mixed-use project that pulls from the best of old and new with modern office space, residential, and retail in the historic West University neighborhood. Located at the corner of Fourth Avenue and University Boulevard, between downtown Tucson and the University of Arizona, and on the modern streetcar line. Trinity Office is designed to be one of the greenest urban developments in Tucson.

Designed to LEED standards, there are many sustainable features built into The Trinity, but the most important is location; The Trinity is located right between the heart of downtown and the University of Arizona and next to the popular Time Market.  Thousands live within walking distance and the building is easily accessible by the streetcar, bus or bike as well.

The building is sited on a former underutilized asphalt parking lot, turning what was a heat island, into an urban oasis with lush desert landscaping. Permeable pavement for much of the parking area allows water to go into the ground and replenish the aquifer.  For those who do need to drive to work, electric car charging stations are available on site. The project also features a naturally lit stairwell positioned just off the elevator lobby to encourage pedestrian circulation.

Another key sustainable element employed in the design of Trinity is proper orientation and shading of glass.  Vertical fins shade the east and west facades from the harsh desert sunlight while allowing views out and light in. At the south façade of floor to ceiling glass with views to the historic neighborhood and mountain vistas, horizontal shade elements cantilever out from the building to shade the glass during hot months while allowing direct light to enter the building during the wintertime. Combined with enhanced insulation, this passive approach to controlling heat gain allows for lower utility bills and higher thermal comfort for the building users.