The Udall Foundation occupies the third floor of the Trinity Office at University and Fourth Avenue and provides an efficient and inspiring environment to promote the legacy of Morris Udall and Stewart Udall. The concept for the interior defines simple, line-of-site wayfinding for ease of circulation with a dark colored core that houses bathrooms, technology, and storage with white painted private offices on the other side of the hallway.  Public spaces, conference rooms and employee lounge are situated at the open ends of the building for maximum light. These boundless views look through eleven-foot-high glazing to the surrounding historic West University neighborhood, the University of Arizona and downtown Tucson. The views also take in the distant mountains in all directions.

The interior features abundant glass walls for connectivity between public and private spaces. Custom signage at the entry of computer-cut mdf letters are painted the same color as the wall announcing the facility name. A collage of photos in the main hall off the lobby are taken from trips through nature with one of their programs that introduce underprivileged kids to the wonderful vibrancy of nature in Arizona.

The project was created with the architect on the development team and provides an energy and space efficient program of shaded glass at the east, west and south with shared parking at different times of the day for the church and office users of the block.  By cantilevering the upper two floors, the design creates more rentable space above that includes a shaded walkway and covered parking for users of the building at the lower level and the neighborhood at large.